I often get inspired for blog topics from posts I see on Social Media. This week I’ve see a few posts about “Skills Entrepreneurs need” and “What Makes You an Entrepreneur.” I’ve spent the last two days researching and what I have discovered is that – No one agrees on what those skills are. No two articles or videos talk about the same skill sets.

In all reality it makes complete sense. You will find some say entrepreneurs are born that way and others that believe entrepreneurs can be made.

I do agree some people are born with the characteristics that make great entrepreneurs. I also believe entrepreneurs can be made. The people you surround yourself with and the books you read can have an even bigger impact on who you become than your DNA or your family.

First let’s talk about what entrepreneurship is….

Entrepreneurship is a Tad Glorified

  • You want to work for yourself!! – Of course you do who doesn’t??
  • You want to make your own schedule – Not gonna lie my favorite thing ♥️
  • You want a life you don’t need a break from – Don’t we all….

Those are lovely ideals and can be realities for many entrepreneurs. Also, for many entrepreneurs the journey starts off with workdays that never end and risking every last dime in their bank account with the possibility of losing it all.

The perception is not always the reality. But, for those of us with the entrepreneur spirit (whether you’re born with it or you acquire it) we know we are missing out on the life we are meant to live if we ever quit entrepreneurship.

I’ve heard entrepreneurs say things like:

  • I’m never satisfied with the status quo
  • I don’t like being told what to do
  • I need to be in control of my income

Those are fantastic traits and I can relate to them all. Now let’s dive into some characteristics and skills that make us women phenomenal entrepreneurs. Whether we are born this way or we have been molded by life’s circumstances.

Always Curious

Entrepreneurs see problems but, they don’t just leave them for someone else to solve. Curiosity and innovation compel us to do something about it.

When your passion for something compels you to find a solution you’ve discovered a business IDEA.

Asking yourself – Can you do something about it. Do I have the skills or do I need to learn them? You may even discover there is value of being clueless. When we don’t believe we know it already our minds are wide open to learn new possibilities.

Here in the Truth Bomb Academy we saw more women owned businesses closing and never creating the success or impact the female entrepreneur sought when she started. We came across more women who were overwhelmed with their business instead of being served by their business.

We were not OK with this being a reality. This was a BIG problem we observed. This bothered us so much we sought out why this was happening and what could be done about it.

It has taken a year to fully develop and working through our own process and actually being our own best customer. The solution is Truth Bomb Academy where we are helping women create their own schedules and realize more time for what is most important to them all while creating the incredible business they dream of. Women are taking control of their income and creating the life they don’t need a break from.

The first characteristics that make an entrepreneur are curiosity and innovation.

A Researcher

After discovering a problem that you want to solve it’s time to look at what has been done about it and why that hasn’t worked.

Immerse yourself in the problem. Becoming your own best customer.

The second characteristics that makes an entrepreneur are passion and thirst for knowledge.


This isn’t one of those innate characteristics that make it or brake it as an entrepreneur. You can always hire someone to organize your business or learn the skill yourself.

What does have an effect on your success is creating your Business Plan which has a great impact on the organization within your business.

Traditionally a business plan has explained the goals of your business, lays out your plans to meet these goals, and is used to communicate with investors and bankers.

I don’t know about you but, that takes all the joy out of solving a problem with my idea and impacting others. Business plans have notoriously been analytical and (well… boring…).

This is where Truth Bomb Academy took a closer look at what a business plan really looks like for women business owners. We are helping women gain confidence, with easy to implement tools designed exclusively for women in business. Not only are we addressing women’s needs, emotions and overall well-being the women are also becoming successful with their business.

Women think differently than men. It’s a fundamental fact not theory. Creating a business plan from a template written for men will work. But, creating a Business Plan from a template written by women for women with women’s needs in mind…..that is a game-changer.

Financial Smarts

Has this subject been Taboo for you??

Parent’s aren’t talking to their kids about it.

Schools aren’t teaching it.

In fact 47% of married couples don’t talk about it.

It is important to talk about and learn the skills for profitability in your business and personal finances.

Women business owners often start a business with the desire to impact and help others. With that mindset they often underprice their products and services. In this blog post I wrote about the cash management system that is helping women to run a profitable business.

In The Female Millionaire Code: 3M Your Profit ladies are unlocking true financial freedom, sanity and happiness. Join us for the next FREE Training and you will not only start realizing a profit in your business you will start to strategically pricing your products and services instead of guessing what the price should be.

Imagination Vs. Reality

Too often I’ve spoken to women who had a great Idea for their business but, what they imagined and dreamed about has dwindled away to what is the reality of their business. What I discover talking with them is they have been following the traditional way to build a business. It’s not a bad way to build a business. It obviously has worked for many. It has also obviously not worked for many women.

The percent of women creating 6-7 figure businesses and significantly less than for men. Although the traditional method works there is a better way for women. As stated above women think differently than men and have different priorities.


Are you ready for the truth? Learn how to 3M your profits faster than you ever thought possible, with less stress, more time freedom, and financial stability!

Fundamentally we know that men and women approach business differently. Then ‘WHY?” are we following the male model of business instead of the female model for business?

It’s time that women learn to unlock their millions by modeling and implementing business strategies and planning that align with how women WANT to do business. And it works!

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