Branding for Female Entrepreneurs is not just about your service or product, it’s not just a tagline –It’s you. It is a beautiful journey of discovering the qualities, the passions, the expression of who you are, what you do and how your clients/customers experience you.

Your BRAND is a voice – What does it sound like? Fun, Playful, Serious, Moody, Sexy…

Your PRODUCT is a Souvenir – What are they taking with them? Physical and/or Emotional

If you are just getting started or creating a new business, it takes time to tell your story. A brand isn’t build overnight. It is birthed, nurtured, and gifted to the world. Even inside Truth Bomb, we as the Co-Founders are always at work nurturing our business and fine-tuning our story.

Watch the short video below to hear more about how developing your brand is also a bit like raising children. (Or continue reading if video is not your thing 🙃)

Your Kids and Your Clients are Freaking Smart

We often associate a company’s brand with their logo, colors, and fonts. Branding for Female Entrepreneurs is sooo much more than that.

Just like your kids will figure you out your clients/customers will figure you out pretty quickly too.

How your clients experience your brand will have a direct impact on how long they remain clients and how they talk about your business to others.

You will quickly become a company people rave about or a company they warn people about.

Your authenticity, your ethics and your emotional connection to them is all a big part of the story they will hear.

When you are authentic, you don’t have to look over your shoulder to ensure you are making the “right” decision. You don’t have to explain yourself or be an “expert” about everything. You can move through life with confidence as you become more at peace with who you are and what you believe.

Your Story Matters – Imperfections and All

We all love telling our children old family stories. Branding for female entrepreneurs is just as important. Your clients will connect with your story and real life emotions. If your brand is missing the personal touch of you’ve already lost half your audience.

The best of branding for female entrepreneurs I’m afraid to say comes with repeated trial and error, mistakes and failures. Have you ever had to apologize to your child for bad reactions or dare say your own bad attitude? It’s no different in building your brand. You will make mistakes because instant perfection is a myth just like perfect parenting is a myth.

Logo and Colors

To be honest I love looking at logos and the colors company’s choose to represent them. For those who love creative outlets this is really fun to create.

Your logo and your colors are the most noticeable and external representation of your business. Just like when someone comes to your home the first things they notice might be the color of your house and then the interior decorations and how your home makes them feel.

Colors make an impact on us. Sometimes more than we give them credit for. Inside Truth Bomb Academy we actually spend a little time coloring and experiencing why we chose certain colors, shapes and even where we start on the picture.

6 Ps to Consider When Creating Your Brand

  • Purpose
  • Positioning
  • Principles
  • Promise
  • Personality
  • Persona

Taking the time to consider these and you will have your company’s vision and mission statements.

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Your Sisters in Business,

Heidi Mummau 🥂

Truth Bomb Founders

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