There is a shocking truth as to why women in business are struggling to succeed. It’s a simple fix but so uncommon that most women don’t even realize that it’s a problem.

It’s a missing conversation that doesn’t exist in a single top guru business training, conference, or seminar. As women in business flock to these types of training… what they don’t know is that they are actually increasing their odds of failing or experiencing overwhelm and burnout!

I told you it is a shocking truth. Over 70% of the people at business workshops, events, and seminars are female business owners. Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and has been since 2020.

Women are leaving the corporate world faster than ever before, citing reasons like

  • Not being taken seriously
  • Not be acknowledged for their accomplishments
  • Wanting to regain balance of family and business priorities
  • Wanting access to a female support network

What’s crazy is that when polled, 50% of women in business are experiencing burnout, exhaustion, and chronic stress compared to men in similar positions.

So what is the solution? What is the fix? Its a surprisingly simple answer inside this video.

What Do Women In Business Struggle With?

Over the last 3 years, there has been a higher rate of burnout for women in business never before seen at these levels. I started interviewing and talking with my female entrepreneur friends that were in a variety of different businesses such as…

  • Direct Sales / Social Selling / Network Marketing
  • Brick and Morter – CPA’s, Clothing Store Owners
  • Service Based – Home Organizer, Housekeepers, Bakers
  • Digital Content & Course Creators
  • Social Media Managers & Engagement Specialists

The common factors.

  1. Women in Business
  2. Access to ‘male’ business models and strategies.
  3. Deep burnout at both the mental and emotional levels.

That was the hint that something is off…

As women, we prioritize life and business in a way that is not being met by the traditional methods of business education. The current training does not serve or help women in business. It’s actually hurting us in ways that we are just starting to see the effect of.

Curiosity That Led To The Solution for Female Entrepreneurs

When I opened my mind and my business to partnership, everything began to change. The first thing that shifted for me was the creation of fun and play in co-founding Truth Bomb Marketing with Karin Angelly and Heidi Mummau.

Next we went searching for a top business mentor. We wanted the training and knowledge of a businessman that’s created and sold both an 8-figure and 9-figure business. Our business mentors training is found in business colleges around the world as a proven business method to create a business and wealth.

He agreed to train us on his proven business method and that is honestly what we used to develop and create our business strategy for Truth Bomb Marketing…. with a few added ingredients that were missing.

What is Missing For Women In Business?

With this proven method we found some flaws that profoundly affect women in business. Critical training that is missing or not even considered by men. We knew were were on to something when our mentor was taken back on issues we brought up and mentioned. It never dawned on him to think this way.

We approached our business mentor about how we wanted to revamp this business method for women, he gave us his blessing and asked to keep him in the loop.

Now you might be asking… what could be missing for a business education and training that is proven to build and scale an eight and nine figure business???

That is why we built the Truth Bomb Academy. For the first time ever, we added back what’s been missing for women to create and nurture a six figure business with grace, fun, and ease. We’ve seen our female entrepreneurs breath again. The tension melts away and they have a clear view of how their business is going to fit into their life without consuming their life.

Truth Bomb Academy for Women in Business

female business owners that are women in business that use Truth Bomb Academy to grow their business with fun, play, and ease.

It the first holistic approach to business for women that have priorities like family, mental health, and physical health. It’s time for women to have a training that meets them where they are at. We allow women to expand and express who they are in the world.

This is a totally different approach… one where women thrive and have peace of mind.

Right now you can take advantage of our special offer and get access to the Truth Bomb Academy today! Don’t waste another moment on going through training that has you put on the ‘masculine’ model to create and have a business you love. Let us save you time and money from the frustration and overwhelm that doesn’t serve you.

Step into the light and let us show you a better way.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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