Did you know that there are 3 hacks women in business use to blog like a boss? AND lucky for you, this is the most recent training dropped from Truth Bomb Marketing. Tune in to hear how you can create content that attracts your perfect client for years to come from one simple blog.

Inside Truth Bomb Marketing, we are constantly creating training that helps females build their businesses with more fun, play, and ease. Cause who doesn’t want to have more fun in their business?

We want to help you learn how to build your business from a more holistic approach. This includes learning how to easily market on the internet with things like your blog.

In the fast-paced world of business, blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for women entrepreneurs to create leads, drive sales, and build their businesses on autopilot. At Truth Bomb Marketing, we understand the importance of utilizing effective strategies to maximize the potential of blogging. 

And today, I’m gonna share all the truth bombs you need to know if you want to blog like a boss and create more leads and sales on autopilot. Let’s start at the very beginning and talk about your very first hack. This one is sure to pack a punch, so grab your pen and paper and hang on tight!

Hack 1: Research Like A Pro

I know, I know… Researching is no a very sexy hack to start off with. And because it’s not a popular start for writing a blog, most people don’t do it. This is an absolute crying shame because doing your research on what people are searching for on Google can save you a lot of time in the future.

You can discover what is important to people inside your niche, and then create content that they are already interested in. By doing this, you can increase your visibility and attract a larger audience to your blog. It’s crucial to focus on content that aligns with popular search queries, as this ensures that your work reaches the right people.

Wanna know how to do this for yourself? Well check out this video at around 01:52 and see how to simply and easily get into the mind of your perfect client and increase the chances of being discovered by a wider audience.

Hack 2: Embrace SEO Stacking Like A Pro

Successful women in business that blog take the information they find through their Google research and apply it to various platforms that prioritize search engine optimization (SEO). By adopting a strategy known as SEO stacking, they maximize the impact of their content by repurposing it across multiple channels. 

Wanna explore a typical SEO stack workflow? Let’s go! 

Start by creating a YouTube video on a relevant topic, which serves as your primary content piece. From there, repurpose the video’s content into a blog post. This blog post can then be shared on other SEO platforms like Google Business Profile and Pinterest. This will amplify your content and further expand your reach. 

PLUS you only have to create one piece of content that you can repurpose in other places. Now that’s what I call working smarter and not harder!

By appearing consistently across different search engine-focused platforms, you send a signal to Google that you are a reliable source of information. This amplifies your visibility and increases the chances of your content reaching a larger audience. 

Check out the video around 03:26 to learn more details about how to create a successful SEO stack.

Hack 3: The Little-Known Secret Weapon For Women In Business

The third hack revolves around a lesser-known practice that can greatly impact your blogging success. At Truth Bomb Marketing, we place a ton of emphasis on this one. So take notes!

The secret weapon we love to talk about at Truth Bomb is manifestation. By practicing manifestation and envisioning the growth of your business, you tap into the power of intention and abundance. 

This technique is definitely overlooked in the blogging world. However, inside Truth Bomb Marketing, we consistently teach our members how to manifest from a place of abundance and create with intention. By aligning your mindset with your business goals and embracing the present moment, you can unleash a powerful force that drives your blog’s success. 

When you build your business and create content from a place of joy and ease, your authenticity shines through. This will attract more readers and drive greater engagement.

Women In Business Can Blog Like A Boss

Blogging has become an indispensable tool for women in business, enabling them to generate leads, drive sales, and build successful enterprises. By implementing these three powerful hacks, you can elevate your blogging game and create a strong online presence. 

Remember, conducting research to align with audience needs, embracing SEO stacking for amplified reach, and practicing manifestation and intentional creation are the keys to blogging like a boss. At Truth Bomb Marketing, we are committed to helping women entrepreneurs realize their full potential and create thriving businesses. 

In this never been done before community and business education for women, we are reimagining what it looks like to be a female in business.

How Truth Bomb Can Help You Blog Like A Boss

Truth Bomb Academy has developed the first holistic approach to business for women that have priorities like family, mental health, and physical health. It’s time for women to have a training that meets them where they are at. 

We provide on-demand digital training, courses, live workshops, mentorship, and wealth-building partnerships with a focus on building a business with a more holistic view and balance. 

Our one-of-a-kind business formula is designed to help you tap into your creative genius, playfulness, and inner wisdom to create a thriving business with ease.

You deserve a digital business education and community that get what it means to be a woman in business. A female entrepreneurial academy that supports and collaborates with you to build a sustainable 6-figure business.

Join us inside the Truth Bomb Academy! It’s time to uplevel your marketing and business skills and create a thriving business doing what you love. Take advantage of a 14-day FREE trial and learn how to blog and build a business like a woman boss.

We look forward to welcoming you to Truth Bomb Marketing, where you can build a business you love and unleash your true potential.

Your Sisters in Business,

Karin 🦄

Truth Bomb Founders

The three hacks that women in business are using to blog like a boss. What do I mean by that?

Well, when you’re blogging like a boss, you’re creating leads. You’re creating sales, and you’re building your business completely on autopilot. You’re drawing more and more people straight to you, and building your business with more fun play and ease.

That’s what we’re all about here at Truth Bomb Marketing. My name is Karin Angelly, I’m one of the co founders here at Truth Bomb. And today we’re gonna be talking all about blogs and how you can use your blog to create more leads and sales and do me a favor if you’re excited about this, and you want to hear more about all topics for how women can grow their business and create more leads and sales tap that like button, smash the subscribe and let’s get into it.

So the first hack that women in business are using if they are blogging like a boss and creating more leads and sales inside their business is often overlooked. And it’s really sad how much it’s overlooked because of the power of what this one thing will do.

And that one hack that you could do that’s going to help you create more leads and sales is to start doing research on Google to figure out what people are already looking for around your niche and actually start creating content around what people are naturally searching for. You see, if you’re creating content that nobody’s searching for, nobody’s really looking up, you’re also not going to get seen in front of a lot of people because people aren’t searching for that.

So why work harder than you have to spending a little bit of time on Google can actually help you be found and actually help you rank blog so that more people read about what you’re saying and learn a little bit more about yourself and your business. Let me show you how simple and easy it is to use Google to actually create content that people are currently searching for so that you can get your content in front of more eyeballs.

We’re going to start by simply doing a Google search. Now I’m going to use a simple keyword like skincare so you have a skincare product that you want to sell write blogs about and get more people interested in what you’re going to want to do is start by looking at Google and seeing what people are actually searching for what they’re actually typing to Google in order to find more about skincare.

So we’re going to start with the simple keyword of skincare. Now there’s a lot of different variations of skincare that we could use as far as keywords but we’re gonna start here, when we’re looking at this keyword. Google is literally telling us the order of importance of like, who is looking for skincare and what are the keywords that they’re searching with.

So the top one that Google is telling us that people are searching for is a skincare routine order it’s probably the way that you put on different skincare products. The next one is skincare routine, skincare fridge skincare products.

This could easily help you figure out what to write your blogs about create YouTube videos about and actually create content that people are searching for. It’s truly this easy.

Honestly, I can’t believe that more people aren’t doing that because of how simple it is to actually search and figure out what people are searching for on Google and actually creating content around what they’re finding. This not only makes your content creation better, but it also makes it so that people are finding what you’re creating so that you’re not wasting lots and lots of time.

The second hack that women in business are using to blog like a boss is that they’re actually taking the information that they found on Google that people are searching for. And they’re creating content in multiple places on Google, on their blog, on YouTube, on Pinterest, they’re using all these different places that our search engine focus, and they’re actually doing something called an SEO stack. You’re basically taking the same content that you’ve created in one place, and you’re multiplying your efforts by using that exact same piece of content.

So here’s how I do my SEO stacks on a regular basis. I start with my search engine YouTube, I create a video just like what I’m doing right now. And then from that YouTube video, I then create a blog.

And then that blog now goes to places like Google business profile, which is a Google product that can actually easily get your content found if you’re posting regularly on Google business profile. And then I also take that blog and once again, I post it to the search engine Pinterest.

So I’m basically taking that one piece of content, and I’m stacking the ability for Google to be able to push that same piece of content to people. What ends up happening is Google says wow, this person is everywhere. I should push their content to more people want more information on how to do this, then you’re gonna want to check out the link in the description where we have a link for you to join Truth Bomb Marketing, where we’re teaching how to do exactly this inside of the platform.

Now the third hack that women in business are using to blog like a boss, or they are actually doing something that we teach inside of Truth Bomb Marketing very consistently. We talk about manifestation and getting yourself out of that state of survival that state of fight or flight and actually getting back into the present moment. When you’re practicing manifestation and getting into the present moment, you’re actually practicing how it’s going to feel when your business is exploding, how it’s going to feel when your blog is blowing up and more and more people are finding you online and wanting to to grab some of your products and services.

And unfortunately, this third hack is not talked about enough. However, inside of Truth Bomb Marketing I know this is something that we consistently teach on a regular basis. We’re constantly helping our members inside the platform to actually learn how to manifest from a place of abundance. How to actually create from that present moment and actually create with intention so that their business is actually growing.

Their blog is blowing up their social media is blowing up and they just create so much abundance. If you want to learn not only how to build a business, but also how to market a business and how to start manifesting inside your business so that you creating a business with more fun play and ease, then you’re gonna want to check out what we have going on inside of the Truth Bomb Marketing community.

So if you want to join us, there’s actually a link in the description. You can check us out for 14 days for free and hang out with us and see if this is how you want to build your business as well. I’m excited to hang out with you and build a business that you love inside Truth Bomb Marketing can’t wait to see you inside.

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