Today we are talking truth bombs for why women in business fail to build a sustainable and successful business. There is a drastic untapped potential for women entrepreneurs. However, most women never break through that 6-figure mark in business.

At Truth Bomb, we believe that this is because modern-day business success and mentorship are masculine-focused. We wish to show you how your feminine energy is your superpower that can help you reach whatever goal you desire! Without the frustration, overwhelm, and burnout that is currently an epidemic in the business world.Β 

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πŸ’₯Female Business: What Women KNOW About Business That Men DON’T


In this never been done before community and education for women, we are reimagining what it looks like to be a female in business.Β 

We provide on-demand digital training, courses, live workshops, mentorship, and wealth-building partnerships with a focus on the feminine perspective, energy, and balance.Β 

Our one-of-a-kind business formula is designed to help you tap into your creative genius, playfulness, and inner wisdom to create a thriving business with ease.

You deserve a digital business education and community that get what it means to be a woman in business. A female entrepreneurial academy that supports and collaborates with you to build a sustainable 6-figure business.

Join us inside the Truth Bomb playground! It’s time to uplevel your marketing and business skills and create a thriving business doing what you love.

πŸ’₯ Video Highlights πŸ’₯

  • 00:00 – Truth Bombs For WHY Women In Business FAIL 😲
  • 00:47 – Why women in business are tearing down their business
  • 01:13 – Why building a business as a female requires our feminine energy
  • 02:48 – The first of its kind female business book to help you grow your online business
  • 03:15 – Join the Truth Bomb Marketing community for more business, financial, marketing, female leadership, and manifesting all from the female perspective!

Every woman has the potential to be a powerful force in the business world, and we are dedicated to helping you unleash your full potential. Inside Truth Bomb, you have access to the female business academy and resources you need to create a 6-figure business with fun, play, and the ability to get $hit done with ease. For weekly tips and training on how to build your business subscribe to our channel here:

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About Truth Bomb:

Truth Bomb is a female-driven business education and community created by three unique women in business. They include a stay-at-home mom, medical professional, and culinary artist, who wanted out of the corporate world or didn’t want to join the workforce.Β 

Together they have invested tens of thousands of dollars into digital courses, mentorship, and self-development programs. Only to realize that they couldn’t sustain their businesses doing it the masculine way. Something was missing, and it wasn’t until they unlocked the secret to feminine that their businesses and Truth Bomb began to thrive.

So they set out and created the premier feminine business education and community where you could learn the real truth bombs about what it’s like to build a 6-figure business from a woman’s perspective.Β 

Their goal is to enlighten and re-ignite the feminine energy that is within women to create a business that is of interest or importance to them. In the process, it will leave females transformed with more power, freedom, self-expression, and peace of mind.

If you’re ready to have more fun, make more money, and make a significant impact in the world, then Truth Bomb Marketing is for you!


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How would you like to discover truth bombs about why women in business are absolutely struggling and failing at what they’re doing in business? Hey Everybody my name is Chef Katrina and not that long ago, I was just like you.

I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to all the trainings all the webinars.

And I was like, man, I’m crushing it in my business, but there were moments when I was like, I’m struggling in my business. Many of you and I know this because I’ve been training in this online industry for well over ten years now.

And I seen the journey that female entrepreneurs and female business owners have struggled with in getting their business built. It feels inauthentic. It feels fake. It feels like it’s not our true selves.

We’re struggling with our time management. We’re being told to do more, be more consistent and just keep doing things and let me tell you that’s a burnout waiting to happen.

I know a lot of my good friends in the digital marketing spaces that I built incredible business is only to burn them down to the ground to literally huck everything out the window to get frustrated and say this isn’t working for me. It’s doesn’t feel right.

Well, you’re not alone if this is something you’re going through. This is actually one of the most common things I’m seeing right now that a lot of digital business builders are struggling with female entrepreneurs and women in business have literally them been told and trained by men in the world of business, how to build a business as a man.

What we’ve completely forgotten is that we’re women. We absolutely need to look at how are we building a business that’s more authentic to us.

And what we’re dealing with in building a business. We’ve only been in the business world for about sixty plus years now.

Now you may be thinking that we’ve been to hear longer than that we have been women have been in the business world for a very long time, but in terms of being CEOs and politics and in the media and in the rules we play now, we’ve actually only been in for roughly a little over sixty years, which means it hasn’t been a long time that we’ve been in in this world at this level in the workplace and in building our businesses. And actually, I talked about this inside of the woman business.

What women know about business that men don’t because this is a critical part of understanding how we got here. Why we’re so burnt out? Why we’re really struggling with this idea of wanting to be in business, but yet feeling my our businesses ruling our lives and we’re we’re we’re forgetting or leaving out or missing out on all the other important things that matter to us.

This is not uncommon. It’s because we’ve been given a very masculine very male point of view for building a business.

There hasn’t been anybody really going out there in saying ladies, there’s actually a feminine way to be building your business that nobody talking about. So I wanna just make sure that as you dive into the world of business, you really understand that you as a female entrepreneur have a skill set of belief and ability to really create anything thing that is important to you.

And one of the best tools you can get your hand on is the female business, what women know about business that men don’t. This book is the starting point the shift in the change that women entrepreneurs desperately need to be able to move forward in their business and create a more holistic approach how they’re going about it.

So if this sounds really interesting to you. If you’re like, wow, I really need to know more about this, then go ahead and click on link inside the description, get your hands on the copy of this book and start learning about how to connect back to yourself so that learn to build a business that’s more holistic that’s more aligned and more authentic to what you’re up to. With that, we hope to see you inside our community.

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