Have you ever looked at the many women in business and asked yourself why there are so few female millionaires in the business space? I know I’ve asked this question frequently.

Lucky for you, today we will explore this extremely upsetting topic and also explore how you, as a female entrepreneur, can overcome these obstacles and prevent this from becoming your story.

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When we started Truth Bomb Marketing, we asked ourselves a crucial question. What is hindering female entrepreneurs from creating the lives and businesses they deserve? 

Our research revealed a staggering statistic. There are currently 252 million female entrepreneurs worldwide. However, only 10% of them are generating six-figure incomes, and a mere 2% have reached the prestigious seven-figure milestone.

This disparity became disheartening for all three of us at Truth Bomb Marketing, especially when we compared it to the achievements of male entrepreneurs. 

Something needed to change, and we embarked on a mission to identify the key factors holding females back from building successful million-dollar businesses.

8 Essential Steps To Female Millionaire Status

In our pursuit of understanding, we discovered that building a successful business involves eight crucial steps. Each of these steps plays a vital role in your journey toward success. 

These 8 steps include idea formulation, brand development, target audience identification, financial planning, team building, marketing strategy, networking, and exit planning.

It became apparent that many female entrepreneurs stumble when they jump straight to step six, focusing solely on their marketing strategy. While enthusiasm is admirable, skipping the preceding steps can lead to confusion among your audience, overwhelm them, and impede lead generation and sales.

2 Missing Steps To Female Millionaire

During our development of the eight-step plan, we realized that females require an additional two steps to maximize their business success. 

We wanted to provide a more holistic approach that would empower women to make a profound impact on the world. As advocates for creating a positive influence, we expanded our original plan to incorporate these additional steps.

You see, more and more female entrepreneurs are reporting burnout, overwhelm, and frustration when it comes to their business. In fact, 43% of women in business are expressing feeling this way. 

I don’t know about you, but that is depressing and disheartening! But have no fear, because we’ve cracked the code to address these issues.

Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook 

We decided to put our heads together at Truth Bomb and do something no one has ever done before. We created a comprehensive business playbook that addressed the needs of women as well as the steps to business success.

This is how the 10 step Female Business Playbook, “Unlocking My Millions,” was born. Inside we not only take you through the 8 essentials steps of creating your business, but we also include how you as a female can incorporate more holistic approaches as well. 

This playbook provides a step-by-step plan to help you map out your business and achieve the success you desire. 

If you’re ready to implement this proven process, then you’re going to want to check out the Truth Bomb Academy. Inside we are taking you through this blueprint in order to help you successfully navigating your business playbook. 

Wanna join us? Come inside for free and see what all the fuss is about.

A word of caution… If you decide you don’t want to learn how to build your business with this necessary foundation, you may find yourself facing unnecessary struggles along your entrepreneurial journey. The choice is yours, sister!

Your Sisters In Business,

Truth Bomb Founders

Why women in business will never become millionaires. Let’s talk about why this is happening plus what you can do to help prevent this from becoming your story as a female entrepreneur.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly. I’m one of the co-founders here inside of Truth Bomb Marketing.

We help busy women create more time and money with a simple business playbook so that they can create their millions without sacrificing what’s most important to them. If that sounds interesting to you and you’d love to learn more, go ahead and smash that subscribe button, tap that like, and let’s get into how to create more female millionaires in the world today.

So when we started creating Truth Bomb Marketing, we actually asked ourselves, what is it that’s holding female entrepreneurs back from creating the life and the business that they deserve? We started doing some research, and we found out that there are 252 million female entrepreneurs in the world today.

But of that 252 million female entrepreneurs, only 10% are actually creating six figures in their business. And of that 10%, only 2% are actually hitting seven figures in their business.

Now the sad part about this is that male entrepreneurs are doing double if not triple these numbers. So when we looked at these numbers and we were looking the difference between males and females when it comes to entrepreneurship, it was really depressing to all three of us at Truth Bomb Marketing.

So we started doing our research and we wanted to figure out what it was that was holding females back from building that successful million dollar business. And when we started doing our research, we discovered that when you’re building a business, there’s actually eight steps that come into play.

If you want to have a successful business, you have to go through each one of these eight steps. Those eight steps include your idea, your brand, your target audience, your finances, your team, and your marketing strategy, and then you’re networking and exit plan.

If you skip any of these eight steps on the way to building your business, you’re probably gonna struggle in one way or another. And here’s the sad truth, when we actually took a look at what a lot of female entrepreneurs doing when they’re trying to build their business is they create an idea for how they want to grow their business for how they want to impact the world and then instead of doing all the steps in between that I just mentioned they jump straight to step number six and they start doing their marketing strategy first.

Now the problem with this is that when you create the idea you actually have to figure out a little bit more information before you go straight to marketing it. Otherwise your audience is going to be confused, people will be overwhelmed by what you’re saying and you’re not going to create the leads and sales that you want to.

That’s the reason that Truth Bomb created a business playbook to give you a step-by-step plan on how to actually plan out your business so that you can actually create the success that you’re looking to create. Now, if you want to join the Truth Bomb platform and learn how to actually implement this step-by-step process, there’s actually a link in the description that you can go and you can check us out for free and see if this playbook is how you want to start building your business.

And truth be told if you’re not building your business with these eight steps, you’re probably gonna find that you’re struggling along the way. So unless you like struggling, I mean it’s up to you.

The other thing that we discovered at Truth Bomb is that as we were building out this eight step proven plan. We realized that females actually need an extra two steps in order to be fully successful in their business.

So our original plan was actually taken from in eight figure business builder that we literally said, “Okay, how can we use this to help more females create more money in their business?” But then after looking at that eight step plan, we realized that females need a more holistic approach to actually creating and building their business. So we actually added two more steps to it so that there was more of a holistic approach that made us feel good that helped us create more of an impact on the world around us.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me, building my business has always been about how do I impact the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. So listen, friend, if you’re curious about that 10 step simple system that can take your business from making $0 to over 6 figures, then you’re going to want to join the Truth Bomb training platform.

We have a fabulous platform that’s going to help take you through those 10 steps to help create more time and money freedom for you. So to check out Truth Bomb for free, go ahead and check the link in the description.

And we would love to show you how you can start using this simple 10 step system to help you grow your business in a more fulfilling way. We’ll see you over on Truth Bomb.

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