It’s true… there are 3 lies and a truth that women in business face. This is a super uncommon conversation and I’m about to challenge what you think you know about building a successful business.

Put on your big girl panties because it’s time to get real with you! 💖

I get it… you don’t have time to watch the video… so let me give you the cliff notes as we use to call them!

Now they call it time stamps when you watch a video… which I can give you by the way…

  • 00:00 – 3 Lies And A Truth That Every Woman In Business Faces 😱
  • 00:27 – The first lie that women are told in business
  • 03:16 – The third lied that women in business are told
  • 04:00 – The Truth Bomb that Women in business need to Know
  • 06:42 – Join the Truth Bomb Marketing community for more business, financial, marketing, female leadership, and manifesting all from the female perspective!

The First Lie Women In Business Are Told

Here I am, sitting in a workshop and the trainer for this segment of the workshop is talking about time management. Over 70% of the room is women and I can see them struggling with the information they are getting.

As women, we would love to know how to manage our time when we have so much on our plate at all times. The idea of pretty highlighters and pens sounds great, but they don’t work with a time management strategy that feels more like a to-do list than time freedom.

The 5 am miracle morning is literally tossed out the window the moment we get home. Sound great in theory… SUCKS in practice. I know because I’ve tried it. UGH. I like waking up at 7 am and over the years I’ve discovered that counter to everything we are being taught, my natural cycle time is better for me than forcing myself to conform to something someone has told me I should do.

Just so you know… Women don’t manage time, we create it. And that is what I share with you in the first truth.

The Second Lie Women Are Told in Business

Women and men are exactly the same when it comes to business. Both a truth and a lie. Actually, for this part, you should watch the few minutes I talk about this. Timestamp: 01:39

I share a shocking truth here that most men and women don’t know. Heck, I only recently found out about it! Rocked my world. Now things make a little more sense for why men teach and train business the way they do.

Nothing right or wrong, it makes more sense when I felt like the training didn’t fit me.

The Third Lie To Women In Business

The Hustle and Grind. We need to hustle they tell us. I call bullshit. We don’t need to hustle… unless we are doing the Hustle Dance, then that is a totally different story.

Yet the hustle mentality is the core of what we are taught about getting a business up and running. I did a blog post about how the Hustle is killing your business.

Inside the Truth Bomb Academy, we’ve had to undo and retrain women in business. We’ve had to show the hustle and glide… not the hustle and grind. The mentality is so different and yet so few gurus are teaching it because they themselves are not aware of it either.

Honestly, all this points to is…

We are all human and we don’t have all the answers. Yet over time when things feel off, then that means something new needs to be discovered. The Truth Bomb Academy is the new era in female business education and training. It’s NEW because we’ve added back what’s been missing for women.

Business basics don’t change. We don’t challenge that. What we do challenge is how women are taught and if that type of training is hurting them, (overwhelm, frustrated, burnout, depressed, health)…

Or helping them to become fulfilled, happy, confident, awakened, and connected back to themselves.

The Truth Bomb Academy

The truth is women have been wanting and calling for business training that aligns with them. Until now it didn’t exist… and then we created the Truth Bomb Academy. The first ever, female led training, workshops, and community delivered in the style of feminine leadership.

We’ve blended what we’ve been told is woo-woo with the structure of a business playbook. It’s unique, and fun, and allows women to feel safe as they share what we truly experience as women in business.

We’ve just launched and we have an amazing special available right now! Join us in being the first to embrace and share the feminine way of doing business.

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Your Sisters in Business,

Chef Katrina

Truth Bomb Founders

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