Today, we’re diving into the juicy topic of how rich women handle those pesky YouTube copyright claims on their channel.  Let’s face it, we’ve all had our fair share of troubles with social media. But let’s talk about how you can deal with these things in a way that keeps your channel safe for years to come!

So grab your notebook and pen because these tips are sure to level up your YouTube social media game!

YouTube Copyright Claims VS. Strikes

Now, let’s shed some light on YouTube copyright. First of all, let’s start with what a YouTube copyright claim actually is.

Many people feel like it’s like the mystery box of the content creation world. It doesn’t have to be scary or mysterious. It’s YouTube’s polite way of saying, “Hey, girl, watch out, there might be some copyright issues here.” It’s a heads up, not a full-blown panic moment.

But wait, there’s a copyright strike too. So what’s that all about? That’s the “you’re in trouble, friend” message. Get three of those, and it’s like a baseball game. Three strikes, and you might be out of your YouTube channel game. Yikes!

How Many YouTube Copyright Claims Can You Have?

Are there limits on copyright claims? Nope, none at all! You could have a YouTube channel full of them. But here’s the catch. Any creator can come knocking, claiming you used their content, and boom, you’ve got yourself a copyright strike. So, paying attention to those claims is crucial!

So what if you find yourself scrolling through your channel and spot some copyright claims. What do you do? Delete them, my friend! We don’t want any possibility of having trouble with YouTube. 

And if you’re lost on where to find them, let me guide you. Head to ‘Manage Videos,’ look for the ‘Restriction’ column, and if there’s a claim, it’ll be there saying “copyright claim.” Easy peasy!

And here’s a pro tip. Be cautious with music choices. It’s like dancing on a copyright minefield. Choosing the wrong beats might just lead you to a claim or even a strike. So, watch those tunes!

More Questions About YouTube Copyright?

Still got questions about copyright? No worries, I got you covered! Check out this link for a deep dive into copyright claims, strikes, and what it all means for your channel. Knowledge is power, right? So get the full scoop and learn more about YouTube for your business.

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Transcription Below

How rich women deal with YouTube copyright claims on their channel. This is probably one of the most common questions that I receive when it comes to building a business on YouTube. And today I want to totally demystify the whole process of what a copyright claim is, what a copyright strike is, and help you understand what to do with both of these.

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Alright, let’s jump right in because as I mentioned, YouTube copyright claims are probably one of the most common questions. I receive when it comes to building a business on YouTube. A copyright claim is literally a warning, okay?

YouTube is warning you that this particular video may have something in it that could cause a copyright on your channel. A copyright claim like I said, it’s a warning.

A copyright strike is literally like, you’re in trouble, friend. And here’s the thing, if you get three copyright strikes, you are most likely going to lose access to your YouTube channel.

Just think about it like three strikes in your out. That’s literally how YouTube looks at it.

So, but are there limits on copyright claims? Honestly, there are no limits to how many copyright claims you can have on your YouTube channel. However, the problem with a copyright claim is that at any point, a creator on YouTube could look at your content and say, hey, they use content that was my content and they could come after you and you could eventually get a copyright strike from that copyright claim.

So while it is a warning, it is something to really pay attention to because it can truly affect your channel if you’re not paying attention to it. So, my best advice is that if you go on your YouTube channel and you find that you have copyright claims, you’re probably going to want to delete them. Don’t know how to see if you have a copyright claim on your channel. We’ll let me show you. So, when you’re on your YouTube channel, if you want to search to see if you have any copyright claims on your channel, you’re going to want to go to where it says manage videos.

From here, if you look at this column right here, this is where it shows where any restrictions are on your channel. If you have a copyright claim, it will actually say copyright claim right here where it says none.

As you can see, we do not have any copyright claims on our channel, but if we did, this would actually say copyright claim right here. You can look through all of your shorts, your lives, anything that you have, and it’ll tell you if there’s any kind of copyright claim in this restriction center.

I hope that was helpful in helping you to see where YouTube actually shows where you’re getting those copyright claims or even strikes. To be completely honest, one of the most common copyright claims that I see on anyone’s channel could be in choosing certain types of music.

Music is one of the easiest things to accidentally copyright on your videos. That’s the reason that this is incredibly important to pay attention to the kind of music that you’re using.

And as I mentioned, if you do see that you have a copyright claim or a copyright strike, you’re going to want to delete that video completely from your channel. Have more questions about copyright and what it means to have a copyright on your channel.

Well, let me show you one of the simplest places to learn more about copyright claims and copyright strikes. If you want to learn more about copyright claims, copyright, copyright strikes and what it means for your channel, then I highly recommend you check out this link right here.

I’m actually going to leave this link for you in the description so that it’s easy for you to search this out and discover for yourself what copyright could actually mean for your channel. You can literally search through here and understand more of what copyright actually means.

When you’re looking at these content ID claims, that is actually your copyright claim. So if it says content ID claims like it does right here, that’s actually your copyright claim.

Well, I hope that was enlightening as to how rich women actually deal with YouTube copyright claims on their channels. Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite places to build a business because of the longevity of the content that you can create for your business and how you can continually passively attract more leads and sales straight to you.

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